Shooting from different guns (depends on package)
Safety training
Qualified instructor
English-speaking guide
30-75 rounds (depends on package)
Shooting equipment
Beer per each afterwards
Private two-way transfer
Maximum, minimum or recommended number of persons
Group size

From 8 persons

Duration of the event

2-4 hours with transfers

In which season is event available

All year long

Place where event takes place

Near Budapest

You may choose 6 different types of guns (Glock 17 - 9 mm, Vz Tactical SA 26, Remington 870 Tactical - shotgun, Taurus 357 magnum, AK 47) and different number of shots depending on you shooting package (see below).

Before taking this activity, you will pass training with qualified instructor and learn how to handle the real army guns. Afterwards, free beer is waiting for each of you on site.

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