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Budapest is the largest city in East-Central Europe popular for its sky-high choice of places where to have fun until the morning hours with lively international party atmosphere.

  • Experienced Stag Party Organizer with Best Places to Go
  • Cheap Alcohol & Beautiful Girls in Dance Clubs
  • Open Air Clubs open for Summer Season
  • Pistol Shooting, Party Boat, Mud Wrestling & more
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Budapest Practical Tips

Budapest Practical Tips

Budapest is well connected with all major UK & European airports and after a 2 hours flight from the Isles you can start the party of your life.

Don't waste the opportunity to taste some local drinks (alcoholic without doubts).
Hungary's wine making tradition goes back to ancient Roman times. The very local varieties include Egri Bikavér (a robust red) and Tokaji or Tokay (a sweet topaz colored white).

As for beer, you will most probably run across some decent pale lagers like Dreher and Soproni.
Anyhow the phenomena of local craft beers gained a lot of popularity in recent years, so there are several good new craft-beer brands like Fóti or Legenda.

An intense flavored liquer, the Unicum, is a very typical Hungarian drink and it is definitively worth to taste it and probably buy a bottle or two for the home.

Palinka is general designation of fruit spirits, usually with 40% - 50% of alcohol.
The barackpálinka stands for typical apricot fruit brandy, which is the most popular, although other flavors include plum, apple, sour cherry and pear.

The local currency is Hungarian forint (sign: Ft; code: HUF). The exchange rate is around 1 EUR = 360 HUF and 1 GBP = 400 HUF, but tends to vary. The official language of the country is Hungarian.

Some useful words you might need include:
- "Helló" = hello
- "Viszontlátásra" = goodbye
- "Kérem" = please
- "Köszönöm" = thank you
- "Egy sört kérek" = One beer please
- "Nem beszélek magyarul" = I don't speak Hungarian


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